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Friday, 6 November 2015

14 People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

14 People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

We've all had bad days. Bad hair days, bad days at the office, bad days at home. Maybe, though, our bad days aren't as bad as we think. These 14 people are really down on their luck and it shows in some horrible ways. Some of them may never be the same. I know I wouldn't be. I mean, who recovers from losing a whole pizza? 

1. This person who's baggage got left behind. 

This person doesn't know that they are going to be having a horrible day... and possibly a horrible vacation. 

2. This visit to the shop gone horribly wrong. 

I am actually curious about what it is they told this person when he came to get his car. Like, k sorry we dropped the ball so hard on this one? 

3. This person who tried to play basketball. 

To be fair, playing outdoor basketball while it is clearly cold enough for things to freeze isn't a champion choice, but no one deserves this. 

4. This guy on a bench. 

It is hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that's bumming this guy out, but if his life is anything like mine it is probably what is happening behind him. 

5. This street line painter. 

This guy just looks like he's accepted the situation for what it is. He probably also resigned that day. 

6. This horrifying bike rider. 

This little girl looks like she is going to be scared for the rest of her life. There is no coming back from this. 

7. This pepper shaker disaster.  

Look at those eggs under there! They were cooking up so well and then this happens. This is just the worst. 

8. This person who got splashed by the bus. 

This is literally a nightmare to look at. This person may never walk the streets during any kind of precipitation ever again. But can we blame them? 

9. This pizza nightmare. 

I once went to buy an oven pizza and all they had left was deluxe. I was so upset! But this—this is much worse. 

10. This person who lost their beer. 

All their beer! This is so upsetting. Now this person doesn't even have a way to wind down from the worst day ever! 

11. A grocery store mishap. 

There seems to be a lot happening in this picture. That poor lady needed someone to bring her a chair so she could recover from all the pasta sauce falling over. The employee snapping pictures seems to be having a good time, though!

12. This guy who used the wrong "shampoo." 

Well, at least his hair will be squeaky clean and perfectly pH balanced now. There is an upside. 

13. This guy who got a lot of bad news. 

Surprise! Your wife is a cheater, also I could think of no better way to tell you than ruining your already dumb PT cruiser. You're welcome

14. Milkshake disaster. 

Milkshakes are not cheap and those cravings don't go away. Poor girl. 
Main image via Acid Cow
Collage image via reddit / ImChad

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