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Friday, 6 November 2015

16 Lazy Hacks That Are Actually Genius

 As someone who has been called lazy for my entire life, I tend to find joy in getting things done the easy way. Trust me, I've been told many times before that there is nothing more rewarding than doing something the RIGHT way, as opposed to the quick way. Well, to those of you who believe that I have but one thing to say: while you're raking the leaves rather than blowing them onto your neighbors lawn, I've got my feet up with an ice cold beer. Now what sounds more rewarding? Here are 16 lazy hacks that are actually genius. 

1. I know what I'm doing the next time I need to fill up...

 This way you can avoid the entire annoyance of getting out of your car!

2. Tired of waiting for your food to cool down?

 Why not use the air conditioner to speed up the process?

3. Let's be real for a second: this isn't lazy, it's genius!

 Let the machinery do the work!

4. Spending time with the kids doesn't have to be so hard!

Put your feet up and enjoy the beauty of being a parent.

5. Never use your arms again!

 Just try really hard not to sneeze.

6. Don't even bother taking the meat out of the grocery cart!

 Great steaks fresh from the cart. Is there anything better?

7. No desk? No problem!

 You may experience some neck problems, though...

8. Seriously, just let the laziness take over.

I'd like to shake this guy's hand.

9. Never, ever do dishes again.

 You never know when you're going to stumble upon a genius, so keep your eyes open at all times, people!

10. This guy may be on to something.

 It's about the music, man!

11. Nothing like a cool bowl of noodles, amirite?

 Never burn your tongue again!

12. The classic tethered lawnmower trick! 

Pour yourself a glass of lemonade, put your feet up and watch that mower mow!

13. Yeah, I'm not sure I totally agree with this one...

 Nobody likes waterlogged spaghetti.

14. Breakfast on the go doesn't always have to be cold.

 Heat up your breakfast with your computer chargers!

15. This is genius and you know it.

 It's called multi-tasking, people!

16. The super long straw.

It's perfect for all of your out-of-reach drinking needs!

Main image via reddit / BearItChooChoo
Collage images via 1. Dad Gab 2. Obvious Fun 3. Quizzy's Software Shop

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