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Sunday, 22 November 2015

19 Examples Of Men’s Logic. This Totally Makes Sense!!

19 Examples Of Men’s Logic. This Totally Makes Sense!!

With completely different physical structures, their brains also function like poles apart..  while men’s logic have always been perfect, just the way their sense of humor is… everything they do, has a rationale reason  which might be simply nonsense for most of the women on earth. Here are a few to check out:

1. Honey… Just five minutes more!!

 2. Dude… i am not drunk, i already knew it all!
 3. I am an occasional drinker!!!
 4. I ll make an excellent presentation too, but right now i need a break from it!
5. I am already a multi-tasker, anything else???
6. Men will be men!!! Do you mind?
  7. Really, does u think i need to buy this one?
 8. Hey, am not GAY!
 9. Men’s mood is the only constant thing on earth after CHANGE!

 10. Blue is what i always like… rest are not needed!
 11. Never mind…3 more days and my salary account will be credited again to party!
 12. I concentrate & meditate but yet its the same!
 13. Movie tonight??? I think i have some assignment to work on..
 14. My eyes are very small to watch 100% so i prefer watching only 10%
 15. It’s the Darwin’s theory.. survival of the fittest!
 16. Gods unique creations are always admired equally…may 7789th time too!
 17. HEY.. i thought she needed mouth to mouth!!!

 18. I told you.. i knew it!!
 19. While i don’t  show of f my best friend!

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