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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

7 Slipper Styling Ideas - Best Out Of Waste

7 Slipper Styling Ideas - Best Out Of Waste

 When it comes to comfort, slippers or flip flops are a “yes” and that too when it is for summer or rainy day comfort, then they are a “big yes”. I gathered some ideas for these cool slippers by which it will look quite beautiful.

1) Sequined.
This one will give your slippers a gypsy look, it is trendy and you can try it out with dressy looks.
 2) Buttoned.
Just adding a different colored and shaped buttons to your slippers will make it look funky and cute. Do it and try with your casual look.
 3) Beaded.
Elegant is the word for this one. Add different types and sizes of beads and get that elegant look with your sober styling.
 4) Scarfed.
This is just another casual styling for your any old simple footwear. Take an old scarf or some piece of fabric will also do and use it for renovating your footwear the following way.
 5) Bowed.
“Simple and beautiful.” Wrap your slippers’ strap with printed ribbon and add a bow. This is the perfect one for putting with your skirts and skater dresses.
 6) Crocheted.
You can put such crochet anklets with your slippers to give your feet a pretty look. This is a good if you are going to a beach or park or to some garden to relax with your friends or family.
 7) Ballooned. 
This is super cute and super easy DIY which you can do to your slippers. Tie bright colored water balloons on strap and add brightness to your feet.
Have Happy Feet :)
Enjoy and keep getting “Best out of waste.”
Source: Bestoutofwaste