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Friday, 6 November 2015

9 Things About India’s Wanted Don Chotta Rajan You Must Know!

Chotta Rajan was making headlines recently after he was arrested by InterPol with the coordination of Indian secret services, InterPol and Police in Indonesia. Here is what you must know about the don.
1. Chotta Rajan or Rajendra Sadashiv Nikhaljee use to sell tickets in black as a teenager at Chembur’s Sahakar cinema.

2. He came into his own after he took revenge for killing of his mentor ‘Bada Rajan’. This is how he came in touch with Dawood Ibrahim who later became his boss.
3. Rajan started to work for Dawood who was an established gold smuggler and looked after his activities in Mumbai. They were a deadly combination in Mumbai’s underworld.
4. Rajan split with Dawood after Mumbai blasts. Following which there was a lot of killing of each other’s associates. Chotta shakeel replaced Rajan.
5. Rajan meanwhile established himself as a don by killing those he regarded as ‘Anti- India’, countering Dawood.

6. One of Rajan’s most sensational killings was that of Mirza Dishad Beg, a Nepali parliamentarian who had close links with Dawood and allegedly a ‘conduit of Pakistani ISI’

7. Rajan provided key inputs to Indian police and security agencies on Dawood’s whereabouts.

8. He is wanted in India for around 75 crimes including 17 murders, more attempted murders, drug trafficking, extortion and even funding of movies.

9. He is deported to India and will be handled by Special Cell of Delhi Police. He will be kept in a special jail cell which would have a dialysis machine.

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