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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

A Girl Ditched A Guy In The Most Nastiest Way Because He Won’t Stop Texting Her

A Girl Ditched A Guy In The Most Nastiest Way Because He Won’t Stop Texting Her

Being in love with someone or just being crazy about them might land you in a pool of creepiness which only the other person can see. A guy named Connor crossed all the limits of creepiness when he saved a girl’s number in his phone with “Dream Girl”. While it could have made much more sense if they would have been dating for a longer time. But meeting a girl, talking to her for like 5 minutes and making out later and after all this, exchanging numbers and mind it all this when both people are drunk, can’t really make anyone fall for someone. Rather you can call it a GOOD NIGHT.
The story Connor shares is, “She was really drunk when we met. We made out and I got her number then went our separate ways. I will admit I was kind of being a creep. I don’t date much so in my mind I thought we clicked. I looked back and laugh at it now.”

Here is what really happened to him when Connor tried to text the girl after he thought giving it a try.

I mean it was pretty clear that she was ignoring her. But poor Connor tried and tried and what he got in the end was just a mean message.

Well, hats off to the guy for sharing his tale on the internet. It requires a lot of guts to share your embarrassing story with the whole world. Respect to the guy !!!
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