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Thursday 26 November 2015



Inji Iduppazhagi starring Anushka and Arya is all set to hit the screens tomorrow, the 27thNovember. The film is about physical and mental wellness. We spoke to the director Prakash Kovelamudi exhaustively on his film and his interview will go online in a couple of days. A small excerpt from it.

How did Anushka agree to put on weight?

Once she heard the story, she said she would put on weight for the character. She did not mind at all. While initially we explored the option of prosthetics, she said NO and said it will look fake. She said she will put on weight and would not do any other movie in this period. It was a bold decision especially for an actress who is on top of her game to be willing to do it for a character. It was completely her decision.

That’s what we call dedication and undoubtedly Anushka rocks!

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