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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Bigg Boss 9: Rishabh Sinha to split the house with his wild card entry?

Bigg Boss house will welcome yet another Double Trouble element in the form of a feisty wildcard entry.

After three weeks of passive aggression, the Bigg Boss house will welcome yet another Double Trouble element in the form of a feisty wildcard entry. Rishabh Sinha, who successfully glided from the world of reality television to fiction shows, has pit stopped at a fork road between Bollywood and Bigg Boss. Rishabh has also successfully played the antagonist in Subhash Ghai’s Kaanchi.
Brewing oodles of drama with a pinch of salt, this impulsively fiery actor is going to jolt up the drama level in the house to a never seen before level.  Known to be quite the ladies’ man, his time inside the Bigg Boss house will decide how charming he really can be! Famous for his flirtatiousness, Rishabh’s antics brimming with determination and passion have made news as much as his affinity towards angry word wars and love for narcissism.
After a double elimination, anticipation will take a new turn when Rishabh Sinha will be introduced to the housemates as a co-contestant. It will be interesting to watch if Rishabh will get along with the two ex-Splitsvillans Prince and Suyyash or if male egos will clash and burn. Also, will Rishabh Sinha try and woo any of the Bigg Boss Nau ladies? What shade of Rishabh will we get to watch – the charmer, the angry, young man or the task master? Double trouble is certainly going to mark a milestone on Bigg Boss Nau with Rishabh Sinha’s entry.
Speaking about his wildcard entry, Rishabh Sinha said, "I have been an ardent viewer of Bigg Boss and have closely followed every season. I will be entering the house to give the contestants a reality check and shake them up to be back in the game. I am very excited to enter the house and will make sure that the contestants will now get the real taste of double trouble. "

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