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Monday 30 November 2015

Blog Monthly Traffic And Earnings Report Of November 2015

From this month Just Entertainment will disclose how much this blog is earnings per month.

Just Entertainment started in Facebook page as Just4lughs  in 2011 and we updated regularly as passion. Later in 2013 this blog was created. 

Now Justent is the official page of this blog. This page was created in this month.

This blog is not only about entertainment. We will also give you about news, technology, Mobile reviews, apps reviews, tips and tricks, and much more.

Traffic of Just Entertainment 
This month traffic : 6000
Overall :97586

not bad but want to increase it 

Now lets come to the point: Main income of the blog is google adsense 
blog income is very low.
This month income :$1.47
Oerall ( not including youtube):$19.91 

Just Entertainment will disclose every month earnings. You can get regular updated by following in google+

If you want to advertise in this blog. You can contact us at google plus or facebook page Justent

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