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Thursday, 12 November 2015


With over 15 surgeries already, Ajith has been through many health problems and he makes it a point to not be bogged down by them and takes his fans as a source of encouragement for those daring stunts he does on screen.  
He was also seen using the crutches to walk from place to place. When things went beyond control, especially after he got hurt during Vedalam's final leg of shooting, it was said to be decided by doctors that he would have his surgery done soon. Basically, he was waiting for the release of Vedalam.

But now, sources report that Ajith's surgery happened at a private hospital yesterday (12th November) for about six hours and he is said to be fine now. Doctors have requested him to take at least six months of rest and then only take up any project. So, it looks like Ajith will start his next film with Siruthai Siva again only by the June of next year. 
With fans sending their prayers to their favorite star, we also wish Ajith a speedy recovery