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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Epic Sign Board Fails You Can Only Find In India - Part 1

 Epic Sign Board Fails You Can Only Find In India - Part 1

English is a ‘phunny’ language, and the sign boards you see around in India prove it. We bring to you epic Indian sign board fails that will leave you ROFLing.
1. For the kinkier ones amongst you
 2. You know, just in case the elephant doesn’t listen to you, or throws dirty water at you.
 3. That is one bold way to protest against Section 377.
 4. So you know where to go when you want to pick up hot girls.
 5. They had contraception till sometime back. Now they just remove their shoes.
 6. If you’re bored of wife-swapping, this is the next level.
 7. For the nymphomaniac in you.
 8. This is very much funny than we can take.
 9. So they have child kating too. When are you getting your child kat?
 10. Whose is that? Rajnikanth?
 11. You know, like take away burgers and pizzas.
 12. Don’t complain if it hurts.
 13. Uh oh! Someone got a little too honest.
 14. Free families, anyone?
 15. Three polar bears please.

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