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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Epic Sign Board Fails You Can Only Find In India - Part 2

16. Because doesn’t every little girl want a frog?
 17. Thanks for the offer but no thanks
 18. You know, if you’ve always wanted a taller wife.
 19. Now don’t tell us you haven’t ever been to any dog wedding.
 20. Oh sweet lord!
 21. Because aren’t we all fed up of those pricy little pricks that just won’t allow us to visit them?
 22. Chicken Sharma – for every Sharma, Verma and Chadha! Lally Pup sounds ‘testy’ too.
 23. Woah! That is one hell of a menu. This is how far technology has come – Computer Juice!
 24. Umm well, we can’t even disagree.
 25. Best family in the world, isn’t it?

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