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Monday, 2 November 2015

Female Teacher Was Almost FIRED When Parents Of Students Saw Her INSTAGRAM

Sounds shocking, isn’t it? Here we are talking about a teacher who is also a mother of 4 kids, Mindi Jensen. She engaged in competitive body building for obtaining fitness in addition to self-esteem after divorce with her husband.
In the words of Mindi, “I thought with my body being stronger maybe it would soak into my emotions, my heart and my brain and strengthen that so I started fitness.”
What’s more, the teacher used to post her competition & training photos on a regular basis on her Instagram account due to which she was nearly going to be fired. It so happened that parents of the students saw pics posted by her that also included photos in lesser clothes as well as in bikini which made the parents angry and they made up their mind to take an action. Hence, they complained against her and she was given a warning to be fired by North Sanpete Middle School where she worked as a teacher.
For instance, this pic of the teacher was reported as “immodest” by parents:

Below are some other pics from her Instagram:

According to Jensen, she was given 3 options to choose from; deleting objectionable pics, losing her job from the school or making the Instagram account private.
As told by her to Good 4 Utah, “Why are my rights being taken away and not the child’s right. It’s between the parent and the child. Put restrictions on your children.” She further added, “If you are not comfortable with seeing me in my fitness uniform on stage posing then take that away from your kid. Don’t take it away from me.”
After that, the school issued an apology as well as allowed the teacher to continue with her job.
Besides, there will be proper training programs for parents so that they can teach children correct use of the Internet.

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