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Friday, 20 November 2015

Google Offered Rs 1.27 Crore Package To A Delhi Guy

Google Offered Rs 1.27 Crore Package To A Delhi Guy

There is not even the least doubt that we all want to grab lucrative offers and best job placements after completing our studies but at one fell swoop, it’s also true that not every one of us is lucky enough to get dream job. However, from this perspective, mention must be made to Chetan Kakkar, a Delhi guy, setting new record in terms of Delhi Technological University’s international placement. It must have been the luckiest day for Chetan when a company like Google offered him a package of $1,90,000 which is around 1.27 crore in Indian currency. According to the guy, DTU campus drastically changed his prospects.
As of Chetan’s family, his parents are faculty at Delhi University. Subhash Kakkar, his father, teaches management studies, whereas Rita Kakkar, his mother, is a Chemistry teacher. It’s Chetan’s last year in the IT Dept. of DTU and after completing studies in the year 2016, he would join Google, California compensating the company a sum of Rs 1,25,74,200. Before this, DTU’s highest offer was Rs 93 lakh and Chetan has set an entirely new record for the university.
In his words, “This was what I had been striving so far and I am excited to join Google.”
I’m sure everyone would love to get such lucrative offers!! Isn’t it?
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