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Wednesday 25 November 2015

Here’s The UNCENSORED & DELETED Hot Kissing Scene Of ‘Spectre’

Here’s The UNCENSORED & DELETED Hot Kissing Scene Of ‘Spectre’

As we all know that a kissing scene was deleted from the movie of James Bond ‘Spectre’ as it was thought to be hot and intimate to the extent that it could not be shown in theaters. Now this naturally gives rise to a sense of curiosity among people as to what was so extraordinary and different about this kiss which made it censored? So here we present you the scene removed from ‘Spectre’, just take a look and decide yourself whether it was really worth deleting…..
Must Watch The Heights Of Obscenity Which Made Censor Board Delete This Scene:
Did you find anything objectionable or something which is not shown in Bollywood movies so far? We wonder why censor board deleted it.
What is your opinion in this connection? Share your views in the comments section below.

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