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Friday 20 November 2015

K Srikkanth: India can win T20 World Cup

Former cricket captain Krishna machari Srikkanth said that India can win the Twenty20 World Cup to be held at home next year. "T20 World Cup is going to be a huge thing in India. The first Test match (in Mohali) we beat South Africa very comfortably. And in the second Test match (in Bengaluru), unfortunately for rain..otherwise I think we would have probably won the second Test match as well," he said.

"The confidence level of the Indian cricket team is always high and especially when they beat a team like South Africa so comfortably in the first Test match," he said. "They (Indians) were very comfortably positioned in the first day of the (second) Test match. Probably if there had been just three-days of Test match we would have had a result favouring India. Unfortunately, I think the rains spoiled everything," he said.

The former opener said the current Indian Test team is well balanced with tremendous potential. "We have a lot of youngsters who are doing very well which is a great sign for Indian cricket. Definitely I find the Indian cricket going in the right direction," Srikkanth added.

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