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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Look Close Or These Images Will Fool You!

Look Close Or These Images Will Fool You!

These images can play tricks on you. You need to really concentrate to figure out what’s really going on. Get ready to check your observational skills with these 19 images which hill spin your head round.

1. Zebra lady

2. Nice spot you got there bird!

3. What is what! So confusing!

4. That arm is unusually long

5. That’s what you call a kick in the butt!

6. We have elastic arms here

7. London eye or just a wheel in a bicycle

8. Awesome dunk Basketball-man

9. Capture them! In a bucket!

10. That looks like a move out of Mortal Kombat

11. Dog with antlers

12. That got my head spinning

13. . No comments!

14. Camouflage

15. Cute face you have got there

16. I also want to blow clouds out of my trumpet

17. She can summon electricity

18. After Zebra-lady, time for Dog-lady

19. Don’t worry, she’s not a ghost!

20. That hand is surely growing up fast

21. We have a Fishman

22. A cat monster

23. What the hell happened to his hair?

24. In one second…splash!

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