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Friday 27 November 2015

Picture Of Modi Sleeping In The Parliament Is Fake. Watch The Unedited Real Footage Here.

The picture was widely circulated on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and other social networks as ‘PM sleeps on Constitution day.’

Reputed media outlets fell for the picture and published it mocking the Prime Minister

Comments like PMJetLag, PM in nidrasan, Modiji is unaware of the camera, and many other creative slurs started pouring in from unsuspecting online readers.

They say a picture can tell a thousand words. Here’s the unedited footage that shows the whole story,

Check the video footage and note the timings. The time, 12.25 was the exact time frame when the video was taken. Now let’s rewind a little, shall we? Exactly at 12.25 he looked down and with a few seconds he looked back up again.
Proving that he was just looking down for a moment and not napping in the Parliament unlike how it has been claimed so far.
Let’s call a spade, a spade.


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