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Friday, 6 November 2015

REVEALED: Secrets McDonald’s Employees Won’t Tell You About

#1 Unsalted Fries Are A Pain

McDonald's doesn't add salt to the fries, they are already salted, so they have to make a whole new batch without salt.

#2 Drive Through Is Priority

McDonald's doesn't want a line in their drive through, so if there's a person at the counter or at the drive through window, the drive through customer gets first priority.

#3 Special Orders

It really throws them off when they have to make something special because they are programmed by habit to make the burgers a special way

#4 Meal Combos

It's not a meal combo unless it involves a drink. If you don't want a drink, but want fries, then it's just a burger and fries.

#5 Don't Want You At Their Register

Every cashier is secretly wishing you'll go to another register and not theirs.

#6 Leftover Food

Yep, they get to eat it all.

#7 Fries And McNuggets

Throughout a shift, employees eat tons of fries and McNuggets

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