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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

T20 leagues where Indian cricketers should play

T20 leagues where Indian cricketers should play

The shortest format of the game is usually popular across the globe because of its fast phase action and short duration of time. The Indian players have stamped their authority in the Indian Premier League but they are not allowed to play in the T20 events of some famous countries. Their attendance is limited to India which has affected their game a bit. There are few T20 events which could prove to be beneficial for the Indian players. The credit should be given to India for making T20 a popular format through IPL. It is this cash rich league which has attracted players from across the globe and has given an idea to other nations about futuristic tournaments. It is no more a hidden fact that cricket will only survive if proper place is given to the shortest format of the game. India as a nation has lend enough services to T20 matches but the restriction adopted by BCCI to other T20 events as far as Indian players are concerned is uncalled for. I am pretty sure that Indian cricketer would improve if they are involved in other T20 franchise based leagues. Moreover, if players outside India are participating in the IPL then Indian players should get permission of applying their trade. The vision shouldn’t be limited to only financial resources as the development of players is most important for any cricketing board. The exposure a player gets outside his own territory is what decides his growth. Apart from this, it could help him in performing better when he goes on a tour with his national team. It is not that overseas domestic competition are lacking in quality. The few of the leagues which the Indian players should play in are:

Big Bash League (Australia)
This is one of the best T20 competitions in the world where players from different countries are participating since years. It can’t touch the clamor of IPL in terms of financial resources but this shouldn’t take away the quality it has sustained since its inception. The Big Bash League has attracted big crowd and the stadiums are often packed to full capacity. It has eight franchises which fight for the title. The Australian wickets have pace and bounce which has been Team India’s biggest worry over the years. However, if the players are allowed to play in Australia, there would be a huge change in the fortunes of our national team when it goes to play Down Under.
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Natwest T20 Blast (England)
England is the godfather of T20 cricket as this format started from this European country. The T20 competition played in England is the toughest of all. The battle is played around 18 teams, which makes this event unique and grueling for the players. This involves some of the best players with teams divided into two groups. The round robin format is played for two months. The level of the competition is high which help players in improving their standard and gameplay. Few discarded Indian like Murali Karthik has played in this event but this is not enough to improve the overall quality.

Ram Slam T20 Challenge (South Africa)
South Africa has the Ram Slam T20 Challenge, which is their domestic event. It is a platform for the players to showcase their talent in front of the huge crowd. The tournament is played among six strong teams featuring local talent and big international stars from other countries. There are no limitations on the number of foreign players in the playing XI, which is something unique keeping in mind the other T20 competitions across the globe. India has never done well in South Africa despite boosting superstar players over the years. It would be great if Indian players, who are not part of the national team, are allowed to play for one of the franchises in South Africa. The participation will help them in learning about the art of facing rising deliveries on the lively track. The good performance over here could open the selections doors for them which in return will help India to perform better as a unit.

Caribbean Premier League (West Indies)
The T20 flavor in Caribbean has attracted top talents from different cricket playing nations despite less financial outlay. The big guns of West Indian cricket, who have proved their worth in almost all the T20 leagues, are part of this event. Apart from them, we have seen big T20 legends playing in the Caribbean T20 league. CPL is a good platform to know more about the wickets and BCCI should allow Indian players to be part of this event in the near future. Barring Indian Premier League, the above mentioned leagues are the biggest at the moment. They won’t be able to become as big as IPL in the near future but are surely good for breading talent. BCCI will have to leave their bossy attitude in order to help Team India in scripting success stories outside the sub-continent.

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