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Monday, 9 November 2015

These hand gestures identify the man with you!

Attention ladies! Are you into a guy and are probably thinking whether he likes you or not? Or is there a guy at your workplace who can’t keep his hands of you and you are wondering what’s going on in his mind? There are times when even married women maddened with their life partners when they can’t make out what their men want!
Well, it’s time for you to relax now as today we decode some of the most basic hand gestures of men that will tell you exactly what he thinks of you! Excited?
Check out these gestures further and relieve yourself from this day to day stress!

If his hands are placed on your shoulder or anywhere on your upper back, then it is pretty clear that he thinks of you nothing more than a friend. Often girls make the mistake of thinking that this gesture is probably a liking from his side but we can assure you that it is a clear sign of friendship!  

If he has his arms around your waist, then ahem, well, he’s obviously into you! It’s probably a sign for other guys to back off as the gesture shows that he considers you his own! 

Okay, so this one should be quite clear as it is a direct sign of perversion! No man, who thinks good of you, would put his hands around your bottoms in public. It clearly shows that he can’t get enough of you by just looking at you. Beware! 
Okay a woman walking alone is probably married as the husband surely has no signs of insecurities! Lol! 

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