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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Trust No One: 15 Differences Between Instagram And Real Life

Trust No One: 15 Differences Between Instagram And Real Life

We can all embarrassingly agree that whatever we post on Instagram is usually not as luxurious as those filters, angles, and lighting make it seem. Though, some people lead two entirely different lives: one on Instagram, and one in reality; and neither of the two resemble each other in any way, while others aren't so bad. These hilarious differences between real life and Instagram will make your sides hurt:

1. #thetruth

2. #Iwokeuplikethis.

3. Those filters do some good.

4. It never works out. Don't even try.

5. When girls try to be a makeup guru on Instagram, this is what happens.

6. When you try to upload some of your baking experiments.

7. That's a sad, sad existence on the right.

8. LAWL.

9.  Attempting to pose on the beach for an Instagram picture rarely works. 

10. Don't get catfished...

11. When you try to take fitsporational pictures...

12. Attempting to pose seductively is harder than you think.

13. When you excitedly go to check out the pictures from last night on Instagram..

14. The reality vs. the Instagram farce.

15. Eating on the beach in reality is a lot different than on Instagram.

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