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Monday, 30 November 2015

What Does Your Nose Say About Your Personality?

 Of course you can't determine everything about a person by their appearance, but we can damn near try...and often do. Just kidding (kinda). But although we can't tell EVERYTHING about a person by their physical demeanor, there are certain features that say a whole awful lot about their personality. Take, for example, someone's nose. The shape, size, and structure of a person's nose dictates many things about their personality and, even though these aren't 100% proven facts, the information tends to be pretty accurate. Let's just get right down to it... Find out here what your nose says about you! 

1. The Roman Nose

This type of nose has a small bump about halfway down the ridge. It points downwards at the tip and indicates a very strong personality. It doesn't mean that a person is impulsive, but they boast intensity and are particularly good at rallying people to take action. This sniffer belongs to the strong of heart, the carefully measured, and the influential. Would you say Sophia Coppola fits this description? ...Yep.

2. The Nubian Nose

This nose is short in length, and wide in width. It's more uncommon than many other defined shapes, but is still very prominent. It indicates a passionate and creative person with plenty of charisma to be particularly alluring. Sound like Barack Obama? Yep.

3. The Turned Up Nose

This nose is lengthy and curved with a nearly-concave slope and upwards tip. These people are often positive optimists with nurturing qualities, enthusiasm and a strong bond with family and friends. Victoria Beckham anyone? Indeed!

4. The Greek Nose

There's strength in this nose. Think "this is Sparta!" am I right? Anyways, it's long and straight with a narrow ridge and an all-around appearance of meaning business. People bearing the Greek nose are facts-based, to the point, hard-working, and fairly serious individuals. They keep their emotions to themselves and their eyes on the prize. Like, he's not human, but wouldn't you say that Michaelangelo's "David" exudes everything... All the things... Always?

5. The Snub Nose

Ahh, the snub nose, the good old sub nose. This lil' guy is relatively small, it isn't protrusive at all, in any direction. Those with the SN react quickly, are quick-witted, and street-wise. They can sometimes be aggressive but are a whack of fun and full of energy. Whose got one? Well, Lily Allen, of course.

6. The Hawk Nose

This nose is long and has a bit of a hook on the tip that points down. The ridge itself is usually curved and it's very prominent. A very strong trait these people possess is that fact that they don't care what others think of them. You'll never see them seeking approval but you'll definitely see them working hard to achieve their goals, often rebelling along the way. Barbara. Need I say more?

7. The Celestial Nose

This isn't a very common nose and somewhat resembles the snub. These are long and narrow and very symmetrical on each side. Although these noses are thought to be very attractive, studies have shown that these peeps struggle to reach physical and spiritual maturity. Still, though—they're damn fine lookin' so what are you gonna do? I'd still date Carey Mulligan.

8. The Aquiline Nose

This nose is, for lack of a better word, pointy. It's very straight and sits at an almost-90-degree angle. People who sport this nose are generally attractive, dominant ladies and gents, who are considered tacticians with a business mind. Sounds like Harry Potter doesn't it? Well, Daniel Radcliffe.

Source: The Daily Mail | Diply
Main image via Slate.com

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