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Monday, 2 November 2015


Ali is one of those actors who began his career as a chirpy child artist and then becoming a big league comedy hero later with Yamaleela in early 90s. However, he confined to comedy roles after some films and slowly entered the top arena of comedians in Tollywood. But, this actor has been heavily criticized for his third rate comedy and double meaning comments especially when women are concerned.
It might be a coincidence or intentional but most of the roles Ali did off late have at least one demeaning comment on women.  This flared up when Ali started commenting actresses like Samantha about her physical attributes which became a huge rage. A common film goer named Annapurna Sunkara made a video criticizing about Baahubali and blasted Ali for being so insensitive towards womenfolk.
Ali recently had a rift with anchor Suma as well and this comedy anchor duo had a professional break up as well because the former commented on her in an extremely vulgar manner. Just when we all took a sigh of relief to see Ali and Suma come back again together on stage for Size Zero Audio Launch yesterday, Ali made a fresh set of shocking comments on Anushka this time!
The comedian anchor commented openly on Anushka’s thighs and said that he was a fan of her since Billadays. One could even see Anushka as well as another actress Sonal Chauhan fluster watching Ali making such public comments on stage. Let us hope Ali realizes the impact he has been creating by such comments and refrain from doing so.

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