He works far too much.

Work is work and that is understood. But, putting work before all else, so much so that you can’t make time for your relationship is not a great decision. Just because you work doesn’t mean she has to wait at your beck and call, anticipating a phone call or your arrival all the time. She’s going to leave if you can’t find a way to make time and be with her to have the relationship you have.

1. He’s immature.

If a guy is going to make silly decisions without evaluating its consequences are going to let his tongue roll off without thinking before he says something, good bye. Women aren’t looking for immaturity. They’re looking for a mature relationship that also has space for being silly but not immature.

2. He keeps secrets from her.

Knowingly or unknowingly, he forgets to tell her important things. When she finds out, he makes an elaborate excuse for not having told her or easily says that he forgot to tell her that thing. That’s a no-no. Your girlfriend doesn’t need to hear about you from somebody else or through some channel that isn’t you.

3. He’s selfish.

There’s a difference in doing things for yourself and being selfish. Doing things for yourself means you do what you want because you like it. Being selfish means you only have your interests in mind and nothing comes before them. You do that and your girlfriend is gone without any explanation because why should she waste her time on someone who doesn’t think of her?

4. He lies.

If you are thinking, lying is a method of ‘protecting’ your girl, please re-evaluate what you think a girlfriend is. Lying is a distortion, it is the opposite of the truth. No woman will stand to stay in your heart if you can lie to her. Don’t take her for granted.
For the guys who wonder why women leave them, look back at your action.
For the women who leave the men they love, I’m glad you were brave enough to leave.
Source: lmt-lss