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Saturday, 14 November 2015

You Won’t Agree That These Animals Aren’t Photoshopped

You Won’t Agree That These Animals Aren’t Photoshopped

Many animal species are just way too confusing, you will just think that these are Photo shopped which isn’t actually the truth.
Here are some
1. The Blue Parrotfish
Generally found in the coral reefs not in deep waters of Western Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea

2. Bush Viper
Only found in subsaharan Africa excluding South side of the continent. These are Venomous Vipers known as Bush Vipers.

3. Colourful Mantis Shrimp
Most of these species can grow upto 100 mm. There are about 400 species discovered till date.

4. Giant Isopod
Having about 20 species these are found in deep and cold waters of Pacific and Indian Ocean

5. Harlequin Frog
These are poisonous frogs having vivid colors.

6. Long Smooth Neck Turtle
It bends its head towards the sides rather than pulling it back as it’s longer than the normal turtle.

7. Oarfish
Very long, generally found in all temperate tropical oceans and even then is seen rarely.

8.The Panda Ant
Having more than 3000 species, these have painful stinks and can even kill cows.

9. Proboscis Monkey
This long nosed monkey is Indonesian specie of monkey and can be distinguished easily with its long nose.

10. Red Lipped BatFish
Found in the depth of 30m or more, these are closely related to rosy lipped batfishes.

11. Saiga Antelope
It’s endangered specie of antelopes and are inhavited over a vast area of Mongolia.

12. The Scorpionfly
Also known as Mecoptera they are of about 550 types and have 9 families.

13. Snakehead Fish
These generally occur in freshwater and mainly exist in Asia and Africa

14. The Vampire Deer
Belonging to China and Korea these are just different in a way that they have two teeth like as the vampires have.