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Thursday, 3 December 2015

14 Times Being An Adult Wasn't As Cool As You Thought ~ Part 1

 It happens to the best of us: we all grow up, and no matter how exciting the prospect may seem, it isn't as cool as you think. Being an adult goes hand in hand with having to do adult things, which leaves you less time to do the things you thought being an adult was all about. But don't get too sad. There are still lots of fun things to look forward to, like finally learning how to fold a fitted bed sheet. 

1. Your Body Literally Starts to Betray You  

If you are like me, you were convinced that the morning you turned 26, you were going to wake up a graceful woman with flawless skin and a body like Kate Upton. Guess what, kids, no such luck.   

2. You Can No Longer Eat Whatever You Want 

You can no longer eat whatever you want, and if you do eat whatever you want, it is going to take more than ten minutes on the treadmill and good intentions to wear it off.

3. You Are Tired. Always.  

You will regret every nap you did not take as a child. I guarantee it. Being tired is no longer a feeling, but a perpetual state of being. The thought of being up past 10 p.m. will physically make you want to barf. 

4. Nobody Validates Your Accomplishments Anymore 

No one cares that you made it to work on time or actually packed a lunch. There is no award for successfully being a grownup except the satisfaction in knowing that you are somehow fooling everyone you know. 

5. You Start To Relate More To Squidward Than SpongeBob 

Let's be real for a second. Maybe Squidward wasn't that bad... Maybe he was just misunderstood. 

6. Literally Everything Costs Money 

Eventually, $3 will seem like a lot to spend on coffee, especially when it costs $4 to do a load of laundry. 

7. There Is No Way You Can Drink Like You Used To

If you even attempt it, you will be unable to do anything for the next 48 hours. It isn't okay. 

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