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Thursday 3 December 2015

14 Times Being An Adult Wasn't As Cool As You Thought ~ Part 2

8. You Have To Work Full Time 

There is no getting around it. You're going to have to leave the part-time job you had as a student and start a career. You will spend all your time doing this, and I hope for your sanity's sake you don't hate it completely. 

9. All Those Things You Used To Ignore Don't Go Away 

You are the only one who can book your doctor's appointment, and those voicemails aren't going anywhere, and you have to grocery shop for yourself. Same with laundry. 

10. When You Realize  Most Of What Your Parents Told You Is True 

Mark my words the day will come when your parents will become the coolest people you know and you'll wonder what took you so long to see it. 

11. Facebook Isn't Fun Anymore

This is because the people you never wanted to talk to again can find you, and the people you can tolerate are all getting engaged and having babies, and your claim to fame is that the local animal shelter just created an adopt-a-cat frequent flyer card in your name. Congrats.

12. You'll Have To Become Fluent In Small Talk 

Whether it's at the office or waiting in line to buy the vegetables you're going to try to force yourself to eat, you are going to have to make a lot of small talk. It sucks and it is exhausting. My advice: make a list of five things to keep saying to people over and over. 

13. People Will Expect You To Have Long Term Plans And Savings 

Get ready for it. Everyone you meet is going to want to know what it is you have planned for the rest of your life. Every detail, every moment. They're also going to want to know how you're expecting to pay for it. 

14. Making Friends Gets Really Hard 

The friends you grew up with will still be around...in a sense. Every one, including you, will start to move on with their lives and it will get harder and harder to keep in touch. So, what do you do? Try and replace them. Don't be fooled by the enormous amount of people in the universe, making new friends is hard. Not everyone can be as cool as you. Tough break. 
Main image and collage image via Instagram / @midge2788

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