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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

15 Times Parents Trolled Their Kids With Christmas Gifts

15 Times Parents Trolled Their Kids With Christmas Gifts

It's the most wonderful time of the year! 
If you sang that, you are clearly in the Christmas spirit! If not...well, that's fine too. It's not for everyone, and now that we start celebrating basically the second Thanksgiving is over, the whole gift-giving process has really taken over. So now, instead of battling long lines and Scrooge McDucks, there's a good chance your parents just phoned it in and bought you something off Amazon. For those parents who still have a bit of that Christmas magic in the air, they might have gone to the trouble to get you exactly what you asked for this Christmas...but probably not. Here's to those Christmas trolls we call Mom and Dad. Now you know why I just buy whatever I want now. 

1. When mom sends you the trendiest new products

This is why we have trust issues. 

2. Seriously, is there something you're trying to tell me, Uncle Mark? 

This will help him get over his fear of fish... 

3. A Nintendo 3DS and a Mr. Potato Head... 

I will never be as clever as these kids' parents. 

4. When your parents aren't afraid to play favorites

Plot twist: Rosie's actually the family dog. Don't act surprised. 

5. When you've gotten to the point where there's literally no man out there for you

You know your parents got your back. 

6. Isn't this what Sally asked for in A Charlie Brown Christmas?

This is what happens when Vanilla Ice pays your child support. 

7. When your daughter wants more more, more, MORE!

Really? Your dog's not good enough? Just improvise! She's like 1...she won't remember. 

8. They grow up so fast

See, this is just another problem that reading causes. 

9. Oh, I see what you did there

Seriously, when was the last person anyone wrote to on paper, anyway? IT'S THE FUTURE! 

10. Perfect for the Big Bang Theory fan in your life

Seriously, if this is your favorite show, this joke probably killed you. *cues laugh track*

11. Seriously, you can't even take parents out shopping for Christmas gifts

I'd still rather take the darkness of a Hollister than the dead eyes staring back at me from the mannequins at Old Navy. They've seen some things. 

12. Clearly, mom's going on the naughty list this year

Of course, I'm sure dad would prefer her on the naughty list

13. When your mom's also a biology teacher

I think this is how Rudolph got his red nose. Inbreeding. 

14. Remember what we said about the tablet?

Well, this isn't as subtle. This dad gets it. 

15. When your parents hear you talking about COD with all your friends

I see many nights yelling at the computer screen in this kid's future. 
Main image via reddit / isduofwee
Collage images via 1. reddit / BuddyFlapjack 2. reddit / loricasegmentata 3. tumblr / jared811111

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