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Monday, 14 December 2015

16 Bra Hacks To Keep Your Girls Happy

16 Bra Hacks To Keep Your Girls Happy

 Let's be honest- the best part of the day is when you get to come home and take your bra off. So during the day, when you have to wear that torture device, make it the most comfortable experience you can.

1. Wear your sports bra in the shower with you to clean it. 

2. Alter your bra band to fit just right. 

3. If you're doing the dreaded strapless bra dance, you need to go down a band size. 

4. Sew a snap inside your shirt so your bra straps stay up.

5. Never wear the wrong bra again. 

6. Turn your bra into a cute and trendy three strap bra for backless tops. 

7. Know your bra's sister sizes when shopping at different stores. 

8. All bras are not equal-know the difference. 

9. Make a cool Pokebra.

10. Or make a caged bra for a music festival. 

11. Buy a converter for backless tops. 

12. Fix a pokey underwire with a maxi pad. 

13. Know how to care for your bra.

14. Sick and tired of your strapless bra sliding down? Use one of the convertible straps to hold it in place!

15. Instead of crushing your bras in a drawer, hang them on one hanger!

16. Use a paper clip to turn your regular bra into a racerback bra.

Collage Source: 1. Fab Art DIY 2. Pinterest / Stacie Fenton 3. Life Cheating

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