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Sunday, 27 December 2015

16 Christmasy Taxidermies You Won't Want Stuffed In Your Stocking

16 Christmasy Taxidermies You Won't Want Stuffed In Your Stocking

Every year, there's always that one person who you just can't figure out. They always buy everything they need, and leave you literally out in the cold trying to figure out what to buy them for Christmas.
Well, while it may seem unconventional, we've certainly found something they won't have. That's right: Christmas-themed taxidermy!
Before you write it off, think of the lesson they'll learn! Either it's the perfect gift for them, which is obviously a win. Or they'll hate it, and maybe they'll learn to make a Christmas list for next year.
If I may be so bold, here are some perfect present options for everyone on your list.

1. Rudolph the red-nosed raccoon had a good life. He just couldn't handle the weight of that sleigh...

2. These wise mice brought gifts, including cheese... but that didn't end well.

3. Last year, Santa was trapped in the Arctic wilderness for months, where he was forced to eat half of each reindeer. Luckily, their magic kept them alive.

4. Santa Squirrel sees you when you're sleeping, and he's eyeing those nuts. OH NO — HE GRABBED THEM IN #5!

5. Oh. Those nuts. False alarm.

6. Deck the warthog with bows of holly, falalalala lala la la!

7. I feel like they don't need to be bundled up any more... these should be given to a muskrat who needs them.

8. He would enjoyed this a lot more if they were given, you know, "earlier"? I guess he's better off than the next squirrel.

9. I guess this squirrel didn't "live free."

10. Oh, so THAT'S what my Santa nightmare would look like! Thanks, Internet!

11. He just wanted to go for a sleigh ride, but that cold, winter night had other plans. You can see those plans in his eyes.

12. It'd be cute if it wasn't dead. So would #13.


14. Looks like someone likes their Christmas present.

15. Flowers and a necklace? Can you say, "spoiled"?!

16. Double the heads, double the hats, double the Santa... and double the nightmares.

Main image via CRAPPY TAXIDERMY / Daisy Tainton
Collage images via 1. FISHKI 2. Kathy Willens / Associated Press 3. CRAPPY TAXIDERMY | Foxy Taxidermy / Hayley Louise Beck

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