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Monday, 7 December 2015

16 Photos That Show You The Reality Behind Movie Magic

16 Photos That Show You The Reality Behind Movie Magic

 Everyone knows movies aren't real, but it's always amazing to watch how they take you into another world. Check out these incredible pictures that take you inside the stories behind how your favorite movies were brought to life. Check out these insane shots that will bring you to the set with your favorite directors.

1. Terminator 2: Judgement Day

James Cameron is a modern day master of special effects, so check out how he pulled off the infamous metal skeleton arm Arnold cuts the skin off of!

2. 300 

The Spartans looked absolutely epic pushing their enemies off a cliff, until you realize ninety-nine percent of that movie was CGI.

3. Jaws

Everyone's favorite shark on the silver screen definitely doesn't look as scary when you realize it's a motor controlled mini-submarine. It definitely looks a lot scarier in the water for sure!

4. Predator

The mystique of one of the most terrifying villains action fans have ever seen is a little less intimidating when you see it's a dude in a suit that has the worst time trying to take a bathroom break.

5. Thor

The world of Asgaard definitely looks like a realm The God of Thunder would call home until you see it's one giant green screen. 

6. Guardians of the Galaxy

There's nothing funnier than watching Dave Bautista pretend he's bonding with Rocket Raccoon when it's some random dude in a onesie. 

7. Jurassic Park

It's amazing to see how many people it took to operate the iconic T-Rex for that terrifying scene where it destroys that Jeep. 

8. Empire Strikes Back

It's funny to see that Luke Skywalker landed on a bunch of thrift store mattresses once he jumps away after he hears Darth Vader is his Dad. 

9. Man of Steel

Here's how Superman really flew in his latest version onscreen. Look at the intensity on his face!

10. X-Men

Think of the dedication it must have taken to get decked out in that full body Mystique make up every day before you even walk on set. 

11. Back To The Future

Even though it would've looked super cool if they did those flames for real, no one can set Marty McFly on fire!

12. Avatar

It must have taken a lot of guts for Zoe Saldana to wear a goofy looking helmet and some face paint and act her way into making her character in the movie have real feelings. 

13. Sin City: A Dame To Kill 

It's incredible to think Robert Rodriguez used his imagination to create Sin City on screen with next to NOTHING on set.

14. Star Trek

Who knew they had MAD Magazine in the final frontier when Captain Kirk boldly went where no man has gone before?

15. Batman

Even superheroes need a coffee break. Take a look into the method behind the madness on the first Batman movie. Jack Nicholson even looks human for a minute, despite all that Joker makeup.

16. Titanic

That amazing moment when you realize the entire ending of the movie was shot in a mini pool on a Hollywood lot nowhere near an ACTUAL body of water. 
Main image via chual box
Collage images via 1. Movie Stills Database 2. tumblr / resiliencee

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