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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

16 Struggles Of Being A University Student

16 Struggles Of Being A University Student

So you've made it past high school. That's awesome—congrats—but there are plenty of problems that arise when you're a university student. When you look back, you'll probably remember them as the best years of your life, but while you're struggling to stay awake through that 3 hour, 8 AM lecture, it doesn't really seem that great. 

1. Being broke.

And eating all of the ramen noodles humanly possible. 

2. Not having the experience necessary for the one job you actually want. 

Minimum 2-5 years experience in an entry level job! Great. 

3. You've never been on your own before. 

I call my dad all the time: "the faucet is leaking what do I do?" "Where is the water main?" "What is the water main?" "The bathroom is flooding what do I do?" 

4. Required classes. 

That general education though. No thanks!

5. Having to do laundry. 

In first year, I taught a girl in my rez how to do laundry. I personally did laundry before I went to college, but I don't enjoy it. I've had piles of clean clothes sitting around for weeks because I hate putting them away.

6. Being in charge of your own schedule. 

On my schedule today: 3PM-nap. 5PM- eat cake over the sink. 10PM-dinner. 2AM-start homework. 

7. Having a total of $0.

You're still like really, really broke. 

8. Being sleep deprived. 

I haven't slept in a solid week. Why. What is life. 

9. That stress. 

All my nails have been bitten to the skin cause of stress. 

10. Barely having time to practice any self-care. 

My friend told me she pulled an all-nighter the other day, and then she went to work, and then to class. That's so not okay. 

11. The Freshman 15. 

Your body will change in university. You will get in shape: circle. 

12. Paying bills and making your own appointments.

Being an adult is freaking hard. 

13. Feeding yourself. 

Cooking is hard. So is doing the dishes.

14. Making friends.

Your experience relies solely on you and the effort that you put into it. So, if you make no effort to make friends, you won't make friends. 

15. Studying.

During exam season, which lasts entirely too long, everyone walks around campus looking like a zombie. It's basically like this (worst or best case scenario depending on who you are): you can't get a seat at the library, you want to puke, and you haven't slept or eaten in days. So, you pass out during your second exam of the day that the school won't give you accommodations for. Yay school!

16. Getting your grades back. 

Your twice yearly reminder that you are a human mess! 
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Collage image via Facebook / Uni Memes

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