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Monday, 21 December 2015

16 Times Life Was Caught Being Weird And Awesome

16 Times Life Was Caught Being Weird And Awesome

 It's a weird, wonderful world out there. Life never ceases to amaze. From the snows of Kilimanjaro to the wilds of Borneo, it's hard not to stare in awe when nature does something we've never seen before -- or when people let their imaginations loose. Who would have the sense to go for their camera? 
We can be thankful that some fast-thinking folks actually did. They've captured moments when we get to see life in ways we're unused to seeing. It might seem strange or odd at times, but you have to admit, life is pretty cool.

1. A half-shorn sheep.

2. A spider caught a bee and, in the ensuing battle, both died.

3.Swimming between two tectonic plates. 

4. A boxing referee's shirt after a fight.

6. Two humpback whales feeding on a school of herring.

7. A Japanese hand-planing competition.

8. Beijing, where the smog mixes with a screen for a sadly futuristic look.

9. Catching up on the news in India.

10. This church in Belgium, part of an art project by Gijs Van Vaerenbergh.

11. NASA testing a 3D-printed rocket engine.

12. This statue of a child riding his or her mother in Vigeland Park, Norway.

13. A dandelion preserved in resin.

14. What happens when you pour molten aluminum into a tank of water filled with balls.

15. The morning frost contained within the shadow of a house.

16. When wet sand froze, the ice came out like hair.

Main image via imgur / Mossykongla
Collage images via 1. reddit / me_gusta_poon 2. reddit / siez_ 3. reddit / mike_pants

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