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Thursday 31 December 2015

16 Ways To Throw A New Year's Party On The Cheap

16 Ways To Throw A New Year's Party On The Cheap

 If you're gearing up to throw the ultimate New Years Eve bash, you know that nothing kills the mojo of an amazing party before it gets started like a host that's slacking off. Here are some amazing tips and tricks to get ready to make sure your party is one for the history books. Let's take a look at some party hacks that'll make this a night to remember for years to come. 

1. Make your champagne bottles sparkle with glitter

Make your champagne sparkle in your glass and the bottle by adding some sensational glitter. These bottles will definitely make your pictures and decorations shine throughout the evening.

2. Bedazzle your heels to complete your New Year's outfit

Decking out your heels for the party will help unify the visual theme of your decorations, especially if you make your champagne or wine bottle sparkle like the step above!

3. You can really taste the rainbow with this easy recipe to make Skittles vodka

This simple three-step process will help you create colorful vodka that will make incredibly tasty cocktails by absorbing the flavor and color from Skittles: separate the Skittles into color-coordinated bottles, add vodka, and shake them up; leave the influsion overnight; and finally, strain out the sediment in the morning. They also make perfect centerpieces or gift baskets for guests.

4. Use frozen water balloons to chill bottles in bowls and avoid a mess

Here's an easy way to cut down on your clean-up the morning after your party, while you're working through your hangover. It's a convenient way to keep your bottles chilled and the drinks flowing throughout the evening. 

5. Create a clock theme throughout the evening 

Painting clocks on party plates or putting clocks on tables, counters, and doors will help tie the theme of the evening together without having to invest in expensive decorations. It'll keep everyone's mind on the countdown and spirits high.

6. Have guests wear notes with their New Years resolution instead of their name

This creates a great conversation starter whether they're making new friends or saying hello to old ones. 

7. Make a classic champagne cocktail 

Making classic champagne cocktails in bulk while leaving a bowl of lemon twists and sugar cubes for garnishes is always essential. This way, guests can personalize their drinks to their own tastes.

8. Sparkling pear Prosecco punch

If you're looking for a perfect drink to fill your punch bowl this year, this drink can be made in minutes. Check out the recipe here and enjoy a cocktail that's as refreshing as it is smooth. 

9. Have a bowl of midnight Hershey Kisses

This way, none of your guests will have to worry about not getting a midnight kiss and no one will feel left out.

10. Introducing the Champagne Mojito

This drink puts a tasty twist on a classic cocktail by starting off with white rum and garnishing with mint. Then, it's topped off with champagne to tie it in with the New Year. This drink is smooth, delicious and strong.

11. New Year's Wreath

Here's a great way to create New Year's decorations that you can use for years to come. Upcycle your old Christmas wreaths by jazzing them up with sparkling New Year's themed decorations to brighten up the party.

12. Personalize mini-bar bottles for your guests and place settings

You don't have to just use champagne bottles either — customize them according to your guests' favorite booze! This way, everyone has a shot to take during the countdown, before their midnight kiss.

13. New Year's party crackers

Check out the list of supplies you'll need here. It's an easy activity to do in the afternoon to keep yourself busy instead of letting the butterflies in your stomach get the best of you before guests arrive.

14. Upcycle your empty wine and liquor bottles to make stylish NYE center pieces

This craft is a great way to re-use your Christmas holiday lights more than once a year and do something with your empty liquor bottles. Make sure you wash the bottles out thoroughly and dry them before your big night!

15. Pre-make a punch bowl of Bloody Mary mix for hangover brunch the next day

If you want to be the ultimate host and have any of your guests stay over, this is the ultimate savior for any guests not feeling so hot the next morning. Bonus points if you prep all the garnish in advance. 

16. Don't forget to enjoy yourself and have some fun!

No one is going to enjoy your party if you're in a sour mood, so do yourself a favor and have a blast!
Main image via Lisa Marie / Elizabeth Anne Designs
Collage images via 1. Mini-eco 2. creative sparks 3. Oh Sugar Events

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