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Thursday, 24 December 2015

17 Ideas That Seem Genius When You're Drunk

17 Ideas That Seem Genius When You're Drunk

There are two times in your life when you're struck with a stroke of genius. One is when you're taking a shower: suddenly all the possibilities are flowing out of your head just like the hot water leaving the spout. I always trust an idea that came to mind while taking a shower. 
The second time is when you're drunk. The difference here is that you only think these ideas are genius. In all actuality, they are probably some of the worst ideas you've ever had, and that includes the time you tried to get Justin Timberlake curls in the seventh grade. While sober-you would shake your head at some of these ideas, drunk-you is 'all systems go' to realize them. Check out these 17 ideas that are only brilliant when you pair them with booze. 

1. Showing off your super-human strength.

"Keys are for the weak!" 

2. Trying to reconnect with your inner child. 

Don't be this guy and try to fit in the high chairs, no matter how fun they seem. 

3. Realizing that this is the time to show off your awesome dance moves.

That's gonna hurt tomorrow...

4. Doing that weird party trick from when you were a kid.

They didn't want to see it then, and they definitely don't want to see it now. 

5. Attempting your latest design in duct tape furniture.

Yes, you can make anything out of duct tape. But should you?

6. Finally getting that "awesome" tattoo you've been thinking about.

Because the time to permanently alter your body is when you're full of booze. 

7. Or that new hairstyle.

Looking good, my friend. Looking good. 

8. Building... this. 

Maybe it provides extra support? 

9. Deciding to take your friendship to the next level. 

A magical moment quickly turns into awkwardness. 

10. Testing your culinary skills.

You may gag now, but soon everyone will be asking to try it. 

11. Who needs a can opener?

This works much better. 

12. Those late-night online purchases. 

Why? Just why? 

13. Sleeping anywhere but your bed. 

Who knew how comfortable a sink could be? I think there's a lot of untapped potential here. 

14. Just make sure you don't try this at a rock show.

Or you might miss out on meeting your rock heroes. 

15. I'll file this as a win. 

Using straws the way life intended — so you don't have to get up from your seat.

16. Another win: planning for tomorrow's hangover.

I salute you, Pizza Lover. 

17. A genius sober idea that will prevent stupid drunk ideas.

THIS. Everyone needs this. No more drunk texts ever again. 

Main image via reddit / Barkboy63
Collage source via 1. reddit / Drewdledoo  2. reddit / DrLoveMeNot 3. reddit / Benjosity

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