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Saturday 12 December 2015

19 Christmas Pinterest Fails That Are Ho-Ho-Horrible

19 Christmas Pinterest Fails That Are Ho-Ho-Horrible

 Are you addicted to Pinterest? Have you pinned more than your fair share of crafts, recipes, and renovation tips that you're probably never going to try? I know I'm guilty of this. I have boards that are jam packed with awesome, pretty DIYs and ideas, but I lack the time, money, and energy to pull them off! Of the pins I have managed to tackle, many have actually worked out pretty well, but that does not mean I am no stranger to fails. I don't think anyone who has "pinned" can say they've never experienced the disappointment and embarrassment that is a Pinterest fail, especially during the holiday season, when the itch to be crafty and creative skyrockets!  

1. The Santa Bread Disaster

Perhaps someone forgot to put the fire out before Santa went down the chimney? 

2. Murderous Marshmallow Santas

When your children get their Christmas inspiration from Dexter...

3. The Disappointing Entryway

This poor tree looks so sad and lonely! 

4. Super Sad Snow Globe

"Go for the air pocket!"

5. The Annual Christmas Photo Fail

These babies clearly don't have time for your Pinterest obsession.

6. Awful Stained Glass Window Cookies


7. Squished Christmas Tree Meringues

O' Christmas tree, O' Christmas tree, how flat and sad are your branches...

8. Frosty The Diabolical Snowman

Leave it to grandma to terrify the children during the holidays.

9. The College Finals Tree

This is what happens when you pair Harry Potter with romance novels. It just doesn't work.

10. Rudolph The Petrified Reindeer

If that face is not the epitome of disappointment and terror, I don't know what is!

11. The Creepy Snowman Pizza

Why!? Why do you even need your pizza to be shaped like a snowman!?

12. The K-9 Christmas Card

They're still a couple of cuties in my books.

13. Goopy Peppermint Snow Pie

This was close, but not close enough...

14. Sadistic Snowman Cookies

I guess I'd be pretty angry if I looked like that.

15. Beastly Christmas Candy

At least you tried.

16. Sad Strawberry Santas

"Close enough" — said every Pinterest user ever.

17. Depressing Snowman Cupcakes

Oh, the humanity!

18. The Lackluster Christmas Wrap Tree

This isn't the worst fail I've ever seen, but it is missing a bit of festive flare.

19. The Average Gingerbread House

We've all been there!
Main image via Instagram / @yummypony
Collage images via 1. Instagram / @mollykhonig 2. Google Books / CraftFail: When Homemade Goes Horribly Wrong 3. flickr / MacQ

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