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Friday, 4 December 2015

20 Shocking Mistakes In Bahubali!,

Bahubali – The most expensive movie till date and one of the highest grossing movies, has one too many errors!! What was the director doing? Seriously, what was the editing team thinking? I guess everyone was busy in calculating the future profits, so didn’t bother to pay much attention to these shocking mistakes inBahubali.
A huge hype was created to market the movie and the hype worked in favor of the movie because it grossed something above Rs. 350 crores but the outcome of all this hype was very much disappointing. Jaws did drop, not for the effects, but because of the huge yawns. Anyways, we bring to you some shocking mistakes in Bahubali!!
1. When Bahubali was climbing the hill, he was not wearing any shoes but when he reached the top of the mountain, shoes appeared magically on his feet. From where does he gets his shoes?? If he had a spare one kept on the mountain, then this can be excused!!
 2. When he was hanging from the mountain, he did not put any effort to climb up because his waist got pulled up easily. Looks like his waist had some kind of anti-gravitational power; after all, he was the Bahubali!! If you take a closer look, you can see that there is a rope like structure!!
 3. According to physics, it takes momentum to go from one hill to next while jumping but Bahubali, just stands and jumps. Which law in physics was applied? I would like to know.
4. When Shivudu (son of Bahubali) comes out of Maahishmati, there is a change in his attire. I think he is a guy who is capable of changing his dress within few seconds but then I did not see him carrying any spare clothes! And by the way when did he get a horse?
 5. In one of the scenes, Bahubali gets himself entangled in roots but in the next shot, there is only one root. Where did other roots magically disappear?
 6. Bahubali and Bhallaladeva change their clothes during the “Manohari” song. What’s going on? I understood one thing; these people are capable of changing their clothes at the blink of an eye!!
7. As far as I have seen, a river of blood doesn’t gush out from a simple cut but Bahubali has extra blood in his veins, that’s why so much of blood is coming out from his cut.
 8. In one shot, a maroon cloth was covering the actor’s legs and the cloth just vanished into the air in the very next shot! Amazing!
 9. The whole story was narrated by Katappa to Shivudu. In some scenes, he was not there but those scenes were also narrated by him. I think he got some visions or akashvani. Didn’t understand? Let me explain with this example. Bhallala throws away the rope trying to cause the death of Bahubali. Katappa was not present there, but he did know about this!
 10. Bhallala Deva said in one scene that he wants to kill Bahubali for another time, but in the last shot, Katappa killed the father Bahubali?? Who is the murderer?? Damn confusing!!
11. In the last scene, the actress was wearing sleeveless but in the next shot, she goes sleeveless to show off her tattoo!! Looks like she has got some magical powers!!
 12. Wristbands keep on changing from one hand to another.

 13. Avanthika has already met Bahubali then why was she not able to identify Shivudu (son of Bahubali) whose looks are identical to Bahubali?
14. Bahubali escapes with Anushka but instead of closing the gates, they barricade it with flaming grass of bundles. It is rightly said, “Common sense is not so common”.
 15. There is a permanent scar on Avanthika’s right cheek but surprisingly, it vanishes when she cleans up? I hope they know the definition of permanent or she uses some miracle cream. Care to share with us??
 16. Shivudu and Bahubali have identical faces but they are marked different when they were small kids!!
16. Shivudu and Bahubali have identical faces but they are marked different when they were small kids!!
 18. At the end of “Pacha Bottesi” song, the ribbon knot at the back comes from nowhere.
 19. Bahubali knew Avanthika’s name even before he met her!! He has got some serious intuition powers!! Good in guessing names!!
 20. The old man loses control while erecting the golden statue of Bhallala Deva but Prabhas saves his head by taking over the rope from him. Instead of looking tightened, there was a slack in the rope. A gross editing mistake!!
Artificiality was seen everywhere, even the moustaches were fake!! Come on guys, you could have made some efforts. Our bollywood stars actually shave their heads if they have to play a bald character in their movies.

Two Intervals!! This is a time where one interval is more than enough but no, the film makers tried to give it a unique twist by giving two intervals. Well, this ‘uniqueness’ rubbed the wrong way!!

Rajamouli is known for flawless transition of the screenplay but this time he failed miserably. There was no smoothness in the flow. Editing was the biggest mistake in this flick.

Prabhas (Bahubali) has potential but in this movie, he did not make much impact. There was something lacking.
The movie was put in the category of mythological action drama but it looked like a spoof of Ski Safari game or Ninjump. The scenes were not convincing enough.
According to public opinion, Tamanna (Avanthika, the warrior princess) should have been playing the role of Anushka (Maharani  Devasana, wife of Amendra Bahubali) and Anushka should have been playing the role of Tamanna because Anushka has played the roles of a warrior princess previously so she would have fit the bill better. Anushka did a good job in this movie so a big thumbs up to her!!

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