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Thursday, 31 December 2015

4 cool apps that can jazz up your year-end plans

 4 cool apps that can jazz up your year-end plans

No matter what the year-end means to you, it's time to say goodbye to 2015. Here's a list that will help you bid goodbye with a bang.

Personalised planning- What is the most tedious part of organising a party? Making and mailing the invites. Invitd - Invitations by Text takes care of all your events. You can manage the RSVPs and also follow-up invitations from your friends this way. On Invitd you can also get responses immediately and track if people actually opened the invitation in real time. Your guests do not need an Invitd app or even an iOS device to view and respond to their invitation. Platform: Android

Pepper Plate
Food is key at parties. Don't fret; you can now manage recipes, create menus, plan meals, share recipes and make shopping lists — all from Pepper plate. Import your favourite online recipes for your house party and plan a personalised three-course meal. You can also combine recipes into menus for dinner parties or holiday meals. Platforms: iOS, Android and Windows.

Greet 2016 in style. A family travel plan to an exotic destination or a beach resort to catch 2016's first sunrise is only a matter of a few touches now. Trust Kayak Flights, Hotels & Cars app to manage your year-end vacation and compare scores of travel sites to find you the best deal on hotels, flights, cars and more. There is also a flight tracker and itinerary management feature. Platforms: iOS, Android.

Weather Pro

No matter which part of the world you are planning your vacation at, don't ignore the weather. A must-have app is the Weather Pro that displays conditions and forecasts around the globe. It gives you a global satellite and animated radar for the USA, Australia and much of Europe, together with alerts and warning levels for extreme weather. Considered the most comprehensive weather app, Weather Pro can be easily synced with your smart watch. Platforms: iOS, Android.

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