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Thursday, 17 December 2015

7 Ways To Increase Youtube Video Views

If you missed my previous post about How To Earn Money From Youtube. In this post you learn about creating a youtube channel and Earning from it

Now let us know about increasing your video views by step by step

1.Title of the video
Keep video related title and don't use common titles which every one use, make attractive titles that users will immediately view your video

Keywords is very important keep  related keywords, So that your video will find in youtube search

3.Share to social networking sites 
Powerful tool for increasing your video views. Share videos with your friends and family with facebook and twitter if anyone like your video they can also share your video. This will increase video views

4.Commenting to other channel videos
Commenting to other videos by your video link will increase views. Don't comment like spams there are the changes of blocking your channel from commenting by youtube be careful

5. Youtube analytic 
Keep an eye on analytic, try to make videos that are liked by your audiences

6. Targeted audiences 
Try to make a video on targeted audiences this will help you a lot

7.Keep subscribe button in your videos
This helps you to increase subscribers. If subscribers increase then automatically your video views will also increase because subscribers will get notification if you added any new videos.

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