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Friday 25 December 2015

Do You Notice Anything WRONG With This Photo? The Boy's Mom Did...

Do You Notice Anything WRONG With This Photo? The Boy's Mom Did...

Megan Self walked into a Bass Pro Shop in San Antonio in hopes of receiving a picture of her son sitting on Santa's lap. Instead, she was given an awkward photo of Santa Claus standing up and holding her son. Self stated that she was nervous to even bring her 1 -year-old son to see Santa. Caleb, Megan's son, suffers from mitochondrial encephalomyopathy. This conditions results in muscle weakness and requires that Caleb be constantly hooked up to a breathing apparatus, as well as other medical equipment. After finally waiting in the massive line, Self carefully unhooked Caleb from his medical equipment so he could have the opportunity to sit on Santa's lap, just like other kids.
Self, clearly upset, said "We've been through a lot this year — physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and everything. This was basically the icing on the cake." While a picture may have been taken, it wasn't the one that they were looking for. They simply wanted an ordinary photo with Santa, nothing else. A spokesman for Bass Pro Shops publicly apologized to the family and offered them a gift certificate, along with a free one-on-one photo shoot between Santa and Caleb. Self respectfully declined the offer and instead suggested that the money be donated to the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation.

While the story may be a sad one, it gives a great message to the public. It highlights the need for tolerance and equality among those who may be suffering from a condition, and it also shows the importance of donating to charity. Afterall, Christmas is a time for giving, and donating to foundations such as the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation, as well as other foundations/charities, has the potential to find a cure for such a debilitating condition.

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