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Wednesday 2 December 2015

Guy Goes On A Date With A Girl And When He Gets Rejected He Loses His Cool

Guy Goes On A Date With A Girl And When He Gets Rejected He Loses His Cool

 If there's any one universal experience in Western civilization, it's the bad first date. Everybody — or close enough to everybody — participates in a bad first date once in their lives. Chalk it up to inexperience, bad timing, social anxiety, differences of opinion, or just a lack of sparks, it happens to everyone. Chemistry is tough, and not just in school.
But there are bad dates, and then there are some awful, horror show first dates that, if nothing else, make for entertaining stories. And sometimes, that's the only silver lining to that particular cloud.

Lauren Crouch is a London-based dating blogger. Her blog, "No Bad Dates, Just Good Stories," contains a pretty entertaining array of bad first date tales. She's seen it all. Or, at least, she thought she had seen it all. And then a guy took her to a grocery store on a first date. 

Needless to say, it didn't last long. "The dates already over. 30 mins. Gotta be a record," she tweeted.

Then the guy texted her. She tried to be respectful and polite when she let him down.

He persisted... because of course he did. She held her ground, but his reply was simply breathtaking.

Who does that?!

Again, she tried to keep her response respectful — much to her credit. Not sure many others would have handled a request for a refund for coffee so well.

Great idea to donate it to charity instead...

Or so she thought. Instead, he doubled down. Was he even serious?! Yes. He was serious enough to send his banking info!

Don't think he'll actually see the pittance he paid for coffee in his bank account any time soon. 
Main and collage images via 1. Twitter / @Crouchi 2. Twitter / @Crouchi

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