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Thursday, 10 December 2015

How To Turn 15 Old Board Games Into The Best Drinking Games Ever

How To Turn 15 Old Board Games Into The Best Drinking Games Ever

 First, head to your parents' house and pretend that you really missed them. Then, have some dinner, and casually bring up, "Hey, where are all those old board games we used to have?" 
Next, take said board games, and make them into sweet drinking games with your homies. 

1. Monopoly

If you land on someone's property, drink one. Land on one with a house? Drink two. And on. If you land on electric company, take a shot. Waterworks? Waterfall. Free parking? Everyone drinks but you. There's pretty much a drink around every corner with this bad boy.

2. Chess Shots

I feel like I would get a little reckless playing chess with shots, but maybe that's exactly what this (kinda boring) game needs. I really enjoy how these people utilized various shot glasses for this one. 

3. Jenga

Write on your current Jenga game with a sharpie. Make rules that can involve giving people drinks, doing dares, and telling secrets. It can be anything you want it to be! 

4. Twister

Put various shots on each color. Yellow can be beer, red can be dark beer, green can be tequila, and blue can be Hypnotiq. Or something along those lines. 
Bonus if you make your own board outside! 

5. Clue

Take a drink whenever you enter a room, your character is accused, or you take a secret passageway. Take a drink if you aren't dressed like your character. Each character could be given a specialty drink to match their persona. Or each room could have a drink. Library = scotch anyone? 

6. Snakes and Ladders or Drinks and Lagers? 

When you move up a ladder, give that many drinks. When you slide down a snake, take that many drinks. Drunkenly slither around like snakes on the carpet after and you are all winners. 

7. Battle Shots

This game is super easy to make with some cardboard and shot glasses you have around the house. Watch Jimmy Fallon and Johnny Knoxville play with tequila and beer and see how fun it can be. Sailor hats mandatory. 

8. Thirsty Thirsty Hippos

Play this game as usual, but each marble you eat is a drink you get to give. I bet this game gets violent really fast. 

9. Cards Against Humanity

Appoint a judge each round. They get to pick the most offside comment of the round and that person drinks. 

10. Operation

Take a drink if you set off the buzzer. Give two drinks if you remove a disease, or whatever it is you remove in Operation. 

11. Trivial Pursuit

Take a drink every time you get a question wrong. Ouch. 

12. Checkers

This game needs booze to make it not mind-numbingly tedious to play. Who plays checkers anyway? 

13. Risk

Drink profusely while you play this game and try not to kill your friend that suddenly wants to go home in the middle of it. If you are drunk when this happens, you will potentially take the news better. 

14. Scrabble

Take a drink if your word is less than 8 points.
Give a drink when you use a special square. 
Take a drink for each letter you switch. 

15. Girl Talk

Oh this game. I just needed an excuse to bring this gem back up. Every time you get a zit sticker you drink? Who knows. 
Main Image Via: Pinterest / Heather Kolb
Collage Images Via: 1. Twitter / @Lemonyyy 2. Bahama Boards 3. Instagram / @nanceebing

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