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Sunday, 6 December 2015

She Announced They're Pregnant On FB. But When He Does The Math? Now, EVERYBODY Knows!

Facebook is an amazing and wondrous thing, amirite? People feed it with all the details of their lives, their hopes, their fears and all the things they're used to in their own lives. It can be difficult to remember how judgmental people can be, both friends and strangers on the "www". The truth, or perceived truth, can find it's way to the surface with that many eye balls on your business. Amid all of the obvious photo shop fails and accidental tagging going on, people are paying more attention to the 'background' than ever before.

Oh, Happy Day!

This new mom was excited to announce her pregnancy to her friends, family and the rest of the world. From the sounds of it, the couple has established a family; a new bundle of joy must have been very exiting for both of them.

The Blushing Mom To Be

All smiles and pointing at her baby bump, we have our 'lady of the hour'. She seems tickled at the prospect of having a baby shower and showing off that bump.

First, A Flood Of "OMG"s...

Everyone wants to share in the family's happiness, commenting with "congratulations" and best wishes. 

Then Some Mental Math...

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When 'dad' enters the comment thread, he is as happy as everyone else. He cannot believe he never noticed the changes but is smitten with the news none the less.

There Must Be Some Mistake

As quick a thinker as 'dad' is in this case, mom is a but slower to pick up the hints. Insisting the dates are accurate, she didn't realize the question in question was blairingly obvious.

Jim Says...

Welp, there you have it. Whether the doctor was wrong or this young lady was two-timing her man while he was away, it's out there for everyone to dissect at their leisure 

Main and collage images via iLyke

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