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Tuesday 15 December 2015

Technique To Improve The Eye Sight - No More Glasses!!

Technique To Improve The Eye Sight - No More Glasses!!
This is the method to improve the view that ophthalmologists do not want to share with us. If you feel your eyesight is not as before, read the following article and follow the steps below.
The eye muscles need to be exercised in order to keep the eyesight clear.
We will give you some beneficial exercise which will help you maintain healthy visual sight:

1. Every three hours close your eyes for a minute to rest your eyes.
2. Do exercises to improve eyesight daily.
3. Make an eyesight juice (made from carrot).
4. If you use lenses take them off in a few hours.
5. Make daily massage.
6. When you’re bathing wash your eyes with warm water.
7. Leave the computer for at least two hours before bedtime.
8. Focus your view on one point a few minutes a day. If it bothers you sight or irritates your eyes and make them cry, close them.

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