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Monday, 14 December 2015

These Customer Service Trolls Take On Haters, And Everybody Wins

These Customer Service Trolls Take On Haters, And Everybody Wins

 Most of us have likely run afoul of internet trolls at one point in our lives. And, most likely, it has been one of the most annoying, aggravating, frustrating experiences we've ever had on the internet. By and large, trolls ruin things. It's what they do. 
However, from time to time trolls use their powers for good. There are a few who have made it their mission in life to annoy, aggravate, and frustrate people who really deserve it. I think we can all get behind that.

Mike Melgaard made headlines for his trolling of Target customers back in August 2015. 

Some Target faithful were riled up after the company announced its intention to make the toy section "gender neutral". 

Then, the next month Melgaard took on haters of Doritos, once again donning his 'ForHelp' persona.

Doritos had just released 'Rainbow Doritos' in partnership with the 'It Gets Better' charity, which helps LGBT+ youth at risk of suicide.

The bigots really came out of the woodwork for that campaign and said some surprisingly awful things

But Melgaard handled them all with patience and incisive wit.

Melgaard is far from the first customer service troll. Comedian Ben Palmer has been known to pose as a customer service agent for several companies, including Starbucks.

Palmer, along with Nick Price and Ryan Shipley, run a website called "We Hope That Helps", which features some of their greatest trolling moments.

They don't strictly tackle social justice issues—but they don't shy away from them either.

When Campbell's soup launched an LGBT+ friendly ad, the bigots took to Facebook to complain. Naturally, Melgaard saw an opportunity to dust off his 'ForHelp' account.

The ad launched Campbell's tie-in with Star Wars and featured on two dads doing Darth Vader impressions. "I am your father!" says the first dad. "No no no, I am your father," says the second dad. It's cute

Melgaard clearly had some fun dealing with the bigots and homophobes with his usual cutting style. 

And even though he's been doing it for three ad campaigns so far, not everybody has caught on to the act—making the particular form of vigilante justice he and We Hope That Helps perform all the sweeter.

Main and collage images via Facebook / Mike Melgaard

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