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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

This Bride Photographed The Entire Wedding Herself And It's Beautiful

This Bride Photographed The Entire Wedding Herself And It's Beautiful
So many people in this world dream of their wedding day and its absolute perfection. For them, everything is planned to a T, well in advance, and with backups A, B, and C. Oh, and then there's the whole cost thing... Well, we won't get into that now. 
But here's some people who took a different approach to the whole fairy tale wedding charade. Not only did this couple decide to keep things pretty simple, but THE BRIDE decided to do all of the photography herself. I mean she is a photographer by trade, but really, can you imagine?! However, I honestly think that this is some of the most beautiful and romantic wedding photography I've ever seen. 
Have a look for yourself, I have a feeling you'll agree! 

Meet Liisa Luts. 

She's 29 and lives in Tallinn, Estonia. She and her husband run a photography/video company, Mellow.

This is a chronological account of their wedding day. 

...and it's perfection.

May the gifts begin.

Today's the day.

This is just beyond lovely.

Life can be picturesque at all times, and Liisa confirms this.

Wedding day sustenance prep.

He's awake! And gets breakfast served!

Clearly, this couple appreciates the simple things in life. 

It's one of the most important things there is.

The imperative bridal shoe picture!

And they're ready!

It really did seem like the perfect way to do everything. 

Liisa said, "everything about our day was very laid-back and comfortable, also we didn’t feel the need for the professional wedding photography. We just wanted to make it legal, celebrate a bit and to go with the flow.”

What's so beautiful is the fact that this perspective wouldn't be possible without this first-person account.


Luts said that nothing was planned, so every picture captures a legitimate, beautiful, and unique moment.

Life in real time. 

She said she took the pictures without worrying since it was such a cloudy day, trying to get the perfect lighting was too difficult (Luts used a Fujifilm X-T10).

And we eat now!

Everything is adorable.

Luts also said, “I understand that marriage/wedding day might have a quite different meaning in various countries and for [different] people. My aim isn’t to prove any point or to tell people not to hire or fire wedding photographers, certainly not!”

But she does prove that being surrounded by those you love is the only thing that matters.

Luts left us by saying, “I think that everyone should make their own decisions whether to get married at all, how to celebrate that day if they do, and all other aspects in life, too.”

Main image source: fotohennoliisa / Liisa Luts
Collage image source: fotohennoliisa / Liisa Luts

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