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Friday, 11 December 2015

This Woman Announces Her Pregnancy On Facebook... And It All Goes Horribly Wrong

This Woman Announces Her Pregnancy On Facebook... And It All Goes Horribly Wrong

 A woman who is only identified by the name "Christina," recently announced that she was pregnant. Her announcement included a picture of her holding the pregnancy test while equipped with a smile from ear to ear. She delivered the news over Facebook so that her family and friends could all enjoy the moment with her. After all, pregnancy is generally a heart-warming thing to announce. She was given congratulations from family and friends alike, that is, until things took a turn for the worse.

The beginning of the end.

 Everything seemed to be going perfectly for Christina. She praised God for the glorious gift of life and was cherishing every moment of it. Then out of nowhere, the unthinkable happened. An unnamed co-worker also posted on Christina's status to give his congratulations, though his came with the addition of a story. Much to Christina's dismay, this story was one that was about to destroy her marriage as well as her reputation. His post begins with, "Congratulations Christina... I hope that now you're pregant, you'll stop sending me pics of your breasts every time you get horny. I hope that you stop coming into my office offering sexual favors just because I drunkenly slept with you at the retreat." Ouch, that has got to sting.
 Apparently Christina had overlooked her past endeavours with this fellow and just assumed he wouldn't say anything, or perhaps she forgot she had him on Facebook. Whatever the case, she had a massive lapse in judgement and it most definitely caught up to her. According to the unknown man, Christina had been sexually harassing him for months. The result of the sexual harassment was that he lost his marriage and his children were exposed to her R-rated messages on the answering machine. Needless to say, Christina messed up big time.
 Christina's "crazy obsession" was enough to ruin this man's life, so he clearly had no problem doing the same to her. As if his first post wasn't enough, our mysterious hero followed up with a second post to really drive the stake through her heart. That's right, he has now shifted his attention away from Christina and turned it towards her (more than likely) soon-to-be-husband, Mark.

I like to call this one "The Stake."

 Our pseudo-Superman is just absolutely laying into her and finishes her off with "To say you married a crazy bitch would be offensive to crazy bitches. Good luck brother." Ouch. This guy seems to have no remorse for Christina. At least he was kind enough to clear the murky waters for Mark and let him know the truth, right?

Boom. Roasted.

Well, I suppose congratulations are in order for the soon-to-be mother and future ex-wife of Mark. I sure hope you enjoyed your time in the spotlight, because I know I did.

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