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Thursday 28 January 2016

12 Facts That Are Probably News To You

12 Facts That Are Probably News To You

 There are so many articles out there spouting garbage that you really couldn't care less about. And true enough, sometimes you'll find something that genuinely interests you. But overall it's mainly a waste of time, I find.
But after doing some digging, there are a few facts floating in the universe that are so mind blowing, people will be lining up at your next cocktail party to hear them.
Seriously, I had no idea. About any of them. Not one. Either I'm a complete dolt who really doesn't understand the internet... or you're about to have drool on your keyboard from your jaw dropping.

1. Hedy Lamarr wasn't just a pretty face.

The 1930s actress became famous for her controversial role in Ecstasy where she was shown naked having an orgasm. But Lamarr was also an incredibly important inventor. She worked with tech during World War II, developed a radio-guided torpedo system and created the "spread-spectrum" technology which is now used in mobile phones and Wi-Fi connections.

2. Sweet tea is for the wealthy.

Southern sweet tea was originally drunk and served to show a family's wealth. The tea, ice, and sugar were all incredibly expensive at the time.

3. Figs. Eat. Wasps.

Before you panic, it's important to understand the relationship the fig and wasp have with each other. A female wasp will crawl into a fig to pollinate it, and lays its eggs. The new wasps will then crawl out when they are born. As for the mother, she dies inside and is "digested" by the fig. So while it "eats" the wasps, it also helps create the next batch!

4. You want a werewolf cat.

Yes, a werewolf cat. The Lykoi cat (which in Greek translates to "Wolf Cat") looks like a werewolf because of its patchy coat. But even though they look like a cat, their personalities have been compared to dogs, according to breeders. They're loyal, chase after scents and can be clingy at times. But if you want one, you better save up. They can cost up to $2,500! People may want these cats, but they can't bring dogs to the next cold place.

5. Dogs are banned in Antarctica.

Since 1994, the only canines that are allowed in Antarctica are ones native to the country, or huskies bred there.

6. Lincoln was a wrestler. Like, a good one.

From the age of 9 to 21, the former-leader of the free world did quite a bit of wrestling while living in Indiana. The man could be pretty intimidating, I mean, look at him: a six-foot-four monster against a bunch of 19th-century shorties.

7. There was a plague where people literally danced to death.

In  July of 1518, the "Dancing Plague" hit the town of Strasbourg in present-day France. A woman began dancing in the street, and within a week more had joined her. By August, the epidemic affected more than 400 people. Doctors blamed "hot blood" for the dancing, where people would try and "shake off" a fever. The city provided a stage and background music for the dancers, but it proved too much. People literally danced to death, some dying from strokes or heart attacks. It finally ended in September.

8. You used to be able to drive on the Great Wall of China.

Planning a visit to China? You should have gone a decade ago. Up until 2006, it was legal to drive on top of the Great Wall of China – but then it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sorry, now you'll just have to walk the more than 13,000 miles (though that estimate is somewhat disputed). This fact wasn't that surprising I guess, but the next one sure is!

9. Canada has a cocktail with a toe in it.

Yup. Sourtoe Cocktail is a Canadian alcoholic beverage with an amputated human toe inside it. It doesn't just float there — you drink it! If you're interested, head to Dawson City in Yukon Territory's Sourdough Saloon, ask for Captain River Rat, pledge the Sourtoe Oath, and drink your cocktail. As a part of the oath, your lips have to touch the toe! Yum. Oh and don't worry, the toes are donated, not... harvested.

10. Baked beans aren't actually baked.

They're stewed. Mmmm.

11. Some people see more colors than the average human.

They're called tetrachromats. They can see 100 times more colors than a regular human. So don't get into the blue/black or gold/white dress argument. They win. 

12. Cows have accents, or should I say, accénts?

Cows have accents that vary in each region, just like humans. So don't assume one moo sounds like another. That's just rude.

Wouldn't it be great if they wore different regional hats, too?

Main image via Wikipedia / Alexander Gardner
Collage image via 1. ENTASIA | Amish Leben 2. reddit / S–face

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