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Monday 4 January 2016

11 Life Hacks Every Beer Lover Should Know

11 Life Hacks Every Beer Lover Should Know

1. Beer can Tiki torch

By looking over this simple tutorial, you can make this Tiki torch that's perfect for your backyard with a cloth, some matches and a dash of olive oil. 

2. Fix your car exhaust with a beer can!

This step by step tutorial will walk your through how to use simple tools and materials from a hardware store to fix your leaky exhaust pipe yourself. Save yourself some cash instead of taking it to a body shop!

3. Beer can grease disposal container

Instead of ruining your plumbing by putting grease down the drain or letting it get on your counter, use a beer to keep your kitchen clean. 

4. Beer can popcorn machine (no joke!)

In this video a vlogger shows you how to make an insane popcorn machine out of a beer can with a little cooking oil and some fire. You won't believe it until you see it but this hack is LEGIT.

5. Beer can sofa

With a little bit a tape or better yet, a glue gun, you too can become a beer can artisan and build yourself some furniture. Make sure you clean out the cans first and throw some cushions on top. 

6. Soda sleeve to disguise your beer can

Travel with your favorite beer incognito by simply slicing the top and bottom off of a regular soda can and slip it over top of your favorite brew!

7. Create a beer can into a portable stove

Watch this insane video to learn how make an insanely convenient and incredibly simple camping stove with a beer can, a pocket knife and rubbing alcohol. 

8. Beer can lantern

With an Exacto knife and a candle you can make a lantern that's perfect for summertime camping.

9. Beer can BBQ recipe

In this video a couple masters behind the grill show you how to use a beer can to by using a beer can to shape the meat to combine beef, bacon and vegetables

10. Soda cup disguise for your favorite beer

Bring your beer with you on the sneak by stuffing it in a restaurant soda cup without anyone being the wiser. 

11. Beer can WiFi booster

Check out this video to learn how to slice and dice the aluminum from beer cans to boost your WiFi reception.
Main image via 1000 Life Hacks
Collage images via 1. Youtube / CrazyRussianHacker 2. 1000 Life Hacks 3. Jalopnik

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